We are in the season the Church calls Lent. It is the time that precedes the big Resurrection Celebration most folks call Easter. So…what is Lent, how is it different from the rest of the year? I see it as a time of hope for the Jesus followers. We are a people of hope, knowing that with Jesus, all things are possible.
These possibilities aren’t just for individuals or the church, but for all people, since no one is beyond the hand of our Amazing God. During Lent many of us either “give up something or take on something”. These actions are meant to discipline us or “disciple us” into a holier or closer walk with Christ.
What are you doing this Lent? I want to challenge you to take these days before Resurrection Day to press in closer to God. You will experience what God designed you to experience…joy, peace, contentment, His love in your life!
I pray that our church and website will encourage and inspire you as you seek the King of Kings and the Lord of Lord’s, Jesus Chris our Savior!
God’s Blessings!
Pastor Chris Yount