Marriage Ministries

Our Mission
To promote healthy, God centered marriages. To come along side those needing help and support to give them hope.
Our Goals
Provide Group Marriage Enrichment Activities
Provide Individualized Mentoring
Create Support Groups
Provide Hope where needed
What We Do
Individualized Mentoring
Mentors are happy, more experienced couples who empower other couples through relational experiences and sharing resources. Mentoring involves private couple-to-couple interaction using personal experience and proven learning techniques. We provide Mentoring for:
Seriously Dating & Pre-Marital
Re-marriage Preparation
Relationship Enrichment
Troubled & Failing Marriages
Step Families
Simply to Resolve an Issue
Marriage Enrichment
Marriage Enrichment activities are designed to help couples grow and improve their relationship through fun, exciting and informative programs and learning experiences. Such activities include:
Weekly Sunday School Program
Topically focused programs
Weekend seminars
Marriage Renewal
Other special events